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  1. Of good character.

  2. Who is a Veteran of a Foreign War, “Combat”.

  3. The ONLY Acceptable proof for membership to the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is a copy of one’s DD 214 or ERB which must be surrendered to the BOD for verification.

  4. Annual dues of $20 will be assessed effective March 1, 2010 for all Full Members (Combat Veterans) and $10 for Support Members (non-combat veterans). Dues for CVMA members deployed in a war zone will be waived. Dues for all members must be received by June 30th of each year. Dues for all new members joining between January 1st and June 30th will be considered as paid in full for the balance of the current dues year and the following dues year. Dues for new members joining between July 1st and December 31st will be for the current dues year only. (rev. 6/2010)

  5. Must own and operate a Motorcycle of 500cc or above.

  6. Should a full member resign they will be given a 5 day grace period to rescind their resignation with no repercussions. After the 5 day grace period a member will have to re-apply for membership as a new member and will require BOD approval.

  7. Active members in good standing with the CVMA, who become infirm, disabled or otherwise unable to ride their motorcycles will be able to keep their patch and be retired as members in good standing with the CVMA. Members must submit medical documentation and a minimum of one year as a member and/or BOD approval is required.

  8. Life members, if for health reasons can no longer ride can at their discretion, remain members in good standing with full voting privileges and can keep their patch.

  9. Life membership requirements: 3 years active in the CVMA. Member must be in good standing for all three years and minimum participation of one sanctioned CVMA event per year is required. One of which must be a National meeting. Cost for life membership is $200. If a life member quits for any reason or the member is removed from the CVMA rolls for any reason, no refunds will be made.

  10. Member’s initial assignment of chapter will be in the State of physical residence.  Once membership is approved, he or she can request in writing for a change of Chapter to the gaining and losing State Rep.  Chapter affiliation to any Chapter of his or her choosing may be requested, to include a chapter in another state if that chapter is closer than the existing chapter and the losing and gaining states share a common border.  If the distance is shorter, the request will be approved.  The member will only have all rights as a Full Member in the State that they claim membership in. (rev. 6-21-14)


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