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  1. Must be of good character.

  2. Must own and operate a motorcycle of 500cc or greater.

  3. Maximum number of support members will not exceed 10% of total CVMA full Combat membership.

  4. Support members must be a veteran of the United States Armed Forces.

  5. Support members will read and abide by all CVMA by-laws applicable to them. Sections excluded: Section 6 and subsection 2, Section 3, Elections, Duties of Officers.

  6. Support members are required to submit their application with proof of military service through a full member of the CVMA who has held a membership for not less than one year. Support members are required to have either ridden a minimum of 3,000 miles with their sponsor, attended three CVMA events or be known by their sponsor for a minimum of 6 months. A full member submitting an application for a support member should verify they meet the above criteria. Only 1 support member can be vouched on per year by an individual CVMA member. Support members will be at a 1 to 10 ratio, 1 support member to 10 full members based on state.

  7. Will have no vote in CVMA business.

  8. Cannot hold a position on the BOD.

  9. $10.00 annual dues will be assessed and a CVMA Support ID will be issued.

  10. Support members in good standing can wear a small CVMA Support Patch on the front of their vest or jacket which will be supplied by their sponsor. Support members can also wear the 10 inch support back patch which will be supplied by their sponsor.

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